Lost & Found

‘Lost & Found’ tells the story of one man’s journey across Europe where he ironically finds himself alone and astray in the vast wilderness of the Austrian mountains having to face all manner of dangers.

This project was in response to exploring the theme of ‘Journey’ and how we as a society would react to be placed in a scenario that is unpredictable and untamed when we are so accustomed to getting from A to B safely without any discomfort or confusion.

Below area sample of animated GIF’s I made to provide some motion to my project as well as work alongside the narrative to illustrate how things can wrong while travelling and how we deal with them.

Now here are the illustrated spreads that belong to the narrative.

Year 3 Print PortfolioYear 3 Print Portfolio2Year 3 Print Portfolio3Year 3 Print Portfolio4Year 3 Print Portfolio5Year 3 Print Portfolio6Year 3 Print Portfolio7Year 3 Print Portfolio8Year 3 Print Portfolio9Year 3 Print Portfolio10Year 3 Print Portfolio11Year 3 Print Portfolio12



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