Blog 12: Exposure


This is the final blog post on the Professional Practice module, where we will be discussing for the last time brand identity and how to market my work.

(I’m sad too don’t worry, no more endless volumes of text to read)

Self Promotion:

Within this lecture, the aim was to obtain a better grasp over how you can market yourself and get your name out there with clear and bold communication. We were told that your visual identity is your tone of voice, metaphorically comprised of your layout and visual elements that make you an individual as no two people are the same. Think of it as your creative fingerprint. The key concepts behind this are:

  • Advertise Yourself
  • Communicate specifically about you
  • Make connections
  • Generate interest in your work

Again, it has been previously mentioned in other posts about aiming your proposals and submissions to the right people in an authentic and consistent fashion. As through your establishing network, you will want to remind your clients and employers that you still exist and want work hence you can send out emails with by annually updates to produce interest of chances of work. Also, it was said that we are always evolving and developing as designers so our individual voices will change as we do so it’s not worrying for your identity to adapt with the type of materials or experiences you have. You are the key factor and no one else can do the job you in order to generate income, which means putting the hours in to keep interest I your work to prfit from it. Letting those relationships go silent is like ignoring people essentially, you want people to still acknowledge you can work for them. As well as that you need to keep up with trends, constantly researching how capitalize upon the current times to stay ahead of the competition otherwise you will be left behind, it’s about being objective about how people see you. You will want people to easily recognize you style and you apply yourself to showcase your work and skill set.


Therefore, we were told to invest time into some marketing ideas for ourselves in the name of self-promotion. Such promotion items include:

  • Web Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Competitions
  • Zines
  • Publications
  • CV
  • Covering Letter
  • Business cards
  • Email

I took the time to start revving my Behance account as it is time to start publishing projects on social media such as Behance and Instagram. Both can be found below. These accounts allow me to showcase my student work in a professional and coherent layout that people can easily access which takes up my web portfolio item. The process is easy to upload and detail my work, linking back to my other sites to have an online network for people to follow and keep up with. Although I haven’t invested time into creating a Facebook page which was a prime suggestion by my illustrator contact Heather Horsley who I spoke with in my last blog post. It would seem creating a Facebook page can generate interest a keep people in the loop about my work, while allowing access to my other public showcases as previously mentioned above.

I even made the banner for this blog a bespoke clue to my visual identity.


Another item I have to promote my work is my silent graphic novel which I got professional published using the printing site Blurb, where I can sell or send out this novel to show my work and storytelling capabilities to an audience and maybe even make some money. Having an item which people can physical interactive by holding and using their sense is more appreciated gimmick as it take your work further in a world where the screen should be your only option as print really isn’t dead.

Post Card:

I took it upon myself to create a first edition post card after reading the impact it had on illustrator and designer Nick Iluzada.

Trifold Postcard Promo - Self-Promotion by Freelance Illustrator Nick Iluzada. Click to visit Nick's online portfolio!

“[Nick’s trifold promo postcard folds] out to be a really beautiful presentation which any art director would love to hang on their wall … [Nick] also took the time to write out who he has worked for, some award’s he’s won, and also briefly talk about what he does specifically. This serves to legitimize him beyond simply writing ‘Nick Iluzada: Illustrator.’”…”

In an article online, Nick talked about how he created a series of illustrated postcards, to get his work to art directors to generate more work. He had designed a tri-fold card which is unconventional when it comes to postcards but ingenious as it presents a new dimension to look at and display work while allowing for a space saving format o showcase even more illustrations.



The idea behind the postcards were to send to directors directly as item to keep and remember is work by, which is something I wanted to do. So, I took an image from my other module in directed projects and applied it to a postcard format, with the intent to provide a list of social media and portfolio sites to send to art directors hose address I could locate in newspapers such as the Guardian. I would have to use a site like Moo in-order to mass produce such cards, yet I would want to tailor each postcard design and content to the person I’m sending it to like I would do with a CV. I found the idea of having a physical promotional item like my zine a great device to send off in the future as a way to produce contacts if I can’t directly talk to people. It’s a more personal establishment of contact to rather than generic email which may or may not be looked, this provides a mystery to who sent the work.

Post Card Design Below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As per my action plan I have also updated my cv to incorporate a more visual element to it. I have corrected the grammatical errors and put the information in order of relevance, while evidence my experiences as a part time worker and student to back up my skills. I applied a double exposure effect to the headings as I explored this visual element in my last semesters work which I found rather successful. This should evidence my use of line, ink and digital media in equilibrium.

James Trangmar CV final


To conclude I have researched into more competitions or places to submit to in the future past the deadline of this blog in order to keep a proactive process going into the summer. I will attempt to apply my knowledge from this module into an upcoming job applications as well as submission to gain publicity. Such as entering in the weekly completion for Illustration Friday who judge a variety of weekly submission with a fresh topic each time.








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