Blog 9: The CV Clinic…

The title for this post makes it sound like the discussion will about some academic infection that needs checking out, apart from procrastination, crippling debts and hang overs then that’s about it for student problems that need seeing too.

Anyway, welcome to the ninth installment of professional Practice where we will talk about the CV Clinic that me and other students in the module took part in. Essentially the Clinic was meant to simulate a really job application process by handing in your improved CV from the other lecture, which would then be processed as if it were an employer. By the end of the day we would find out if we had been binned, kept on file or moved forward for interview as per the actual practice. The judgment was a collaborative between our creative lecturers and eh careers hub advisors from the university. Thus, combining the creative industry with the practicality of the cv experts.

For this exercise, I reformatted and considered the content I’m providing in my cv, I took the advice that content matter more than appearance which was a prominent force in the other lecture before. Also we had to create a job to apply for which needed a cover letter too, I chose to fabricate a printing company and apply my skills to that application.

Below is the updated (PDF) CV:


Covering Letter

At the end of the day we all gathered back to meet our judgment at the hands of these CV Executioners, waiting for the chop.  It turned out that 10 people were asked to interview and 15 were kept on file while the rest met their end in the bin. I was within those few who were kept on file which was what I had expected, as my document lacked any indication of my creative style for the sake of the vital relevant information.  Below are the comments that were made:

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I agreed with the comments that were made with my documents to a far extent.  The amount of focus I applied on the information, I may have overloaded it with text some not being key or relevant enough for the position, merely filling white space. Or it could be down to just the formatted order of information putting the most relevant at the start and going chronologically from there.

They mentioned how I had listed the modules but it didn’t evidence any skills or prove what I got from them, since a name of module to a stranger means little to nothing. This is something I can address and expand upon as an improvement. My aim of getting the content right was almost there apart from silly minor mistakes that I should have picked up on such as grammar and word choices that break the flow of documents, or are just too wordy for their own good. The same focus on content was brought up as there were comments about the beginnings of a visual identity being shown in hierarchy but nothing else, with this feedback I can try and apply some of the creative skills into my documents to evidence my skill set and show my visual identity at the same time. This in my opinion and the feedback would get me closer to the position of interview.

From a professional stand point, it means because I was kept on file in this hypothetical exercise that I could be called upon in the future for other such positions. The lacking part of my CV was most certainly the appearance or indication of creative skills both in visuals and evidence in text which is something I can improve upon.

Portfolio Item

I can apply for internships such as this open position at ‘Big Fish’, who are a design and branding company that consults clients on their marketing and design ventures with a professional creative team. Their client list rosters with giants such as Coca Cola, BBC, Fanta, Abercrombie & Fitch and many others. With a more refined CV I could be able to apply such a position that involves working as part of a crew of highly skilled creative professionals with other industry readers to tackle their visual communication projects.

Portfolio Item



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